Bruce (Guitar-Vocals)

Bruce has been writing songs and playing his Fender guitars so long he can't remember not doing so.  In his teens, he won a songwriting contest at his local high school.  After that experience, he was hooked on music and it would become a major part of his life.  Through the years he’s had air play on several of his compositions and hopes to continue the trend. He relocated to the Sarasota/Venice area last year and he immediately began looking for the right group of musicians with whom to collaborate. AudioSphere has given him the opportunity to write, sing and play original music.  He favors Fender Strats and Marshall amps and looks forward to writing and performing with his band.

Bruce is a great song writer, musician and friend.  Check out some of the work he has done with Audiosphere.  You can catch him these days in the Venice Florida area playing with the "Curators" Classic Blues/Rock band.